NEWS // 2013/03/06

Turbomeca unveils two new engines and announces major agreements

Turbomeca Press Releases

In addition to unveiling the Arrano, the new engine that will power the Eurocopter X4, Turbomeca unveiled the Arrius 2B2 Plus and announced several major agreements on the first day of Heli-Expo 2013.
The Arrius 2B2 Plus is dedicated to the future Eurocopter EC135 T3. Turbomeca said this new Arrius variant offers technical improvements compared to its predecessor, the Arrius 2B2, including increased performance, reliability and availability. Its new FADEC system offers optimal reliability and availability, and its time between overhaul (TBO) is 4,000 hours. Moreover, the engine features a 5 percent increase in takeoff power and improved performances at high altitudes and temperatures.

The Arrius 2B2 was designed to offer a flight profile that allows it to minimize loss of altitude on takeoff when flying single-engine mode, thus meeting the requirements of particular missions, including emergency medical services, in high population density areas. Customers will also benefit from a computerized maintenance aid thanks to the processing of data recorded from the Engine Electronic Control Unit.

Additionally, Turbomeca announced several major agreements. One is a Support By the Hour (SBH) contract signed with CHC Helicopter. This contract covers 60 Makila 2 engines powering CHC EC225 helicopters used for offshore missions, notably in North Sea and Black Sea regions, Nigeria and Australia.
William Amelio, CHC president and CEO, said: “The Turbomeca SBH contract contributes to CHC’s ability to deliver on our commitment to customers — to take them further, so that they can do more, and to bring them home safely.”
Turbomeca also announced a groundbreaking partnership with Milestone Aviation Group. A culmination of efforts announced last year to develop novel engine support solutions and services for Milestone’s lease customers around the world, the partnership includes the launch of a unique SBH program. This pioneering program provides Milestone customers with significant added value and unique benefits — including a novel approach that leverages the company’s fleet size to the benefit of all customers. This program will allow Milestone’s lessees to better control maintenance costs and maximize the availability of covered aircraft.

“We are excited to announce this strategically important collaboration with Milestone,” said Olivier Andries, chairman and CEO of Turbomeca. “This is the kind of inventive, mutually beneficial program that Milestone presents for us with lessees and operators. This partnership represents a significant opportunity for us to expand our customer base through Milestone’s market-leading global lease portfolio of Turbomeca-powered helicopters.”

“With this announcement, Milestone breaks new ground by partnering with Turbomeca to offer these unique benefits to our customers,” said Richard Santulli, chairman of Milestone Aviation Group. “By leveraging the operating experience of the Milestone team, we are able to offer our customers innovative support solutions that add value and benefit to their business.”
Turbomeca will manage this global support partnership using Turbomeca’ s international network of its support sites and numerous Certified Maintenance Centers, thus offering a global solution with local interface for Milestone’s customers.
Finally, Turbomeca announced a support agreement with Avincis Group, covering engines operated by Inaer, Bond Air Services, Bond Offshore Helicopters and Australian Helicopters. This agreement recognizes the strengthening relationship between Avincis and Turbomeca and the desire by both parties to forge a greater partnership for the future.
This agreement includes the incorporation into Turbomeca’s SBH program for the Inaer fleet in addition to the Bond fleet, which already benefits from the SBH service. The agreement now covers approximately 180 engines of which there are 14 different engine variants.
Avincis Group director of Fleet & Engineering Martin Whittaker said, “This agreement secures engineering support for a significant part of our global helicopter fleet. Every day, lives and livelihoods depend on the operations we fly. We are pleased to be able to strengthen our relationship with Turbomeca and look forward to continuing to build our partnership in future.”