Launched in 2008, Vertical 911 is the industry's first helicopter magazine devoted exclusively to first responders in the EMS, law enforcement, fire and search and rescue sectors in North America.

With its dedicated focus on the parapublic helicopter industry, Vertical 911, which is published four times per year, delivers the in-depth reporting this sector wants: from informative articles on broader trends and industry developments, to insight on tactical issues and operating procedures from industry experts. Each issue of the magazine is also jam-packed with parapublic news, product reports and accounts of the real-life rescues that make this sector standout.

If you're one of the people in the helicopter industry helping to deliver last-minute medical care to those in need, assisting in the apprehension of criminals, rescuing people off of cliffs in challenging conditions, or helping to extinguish fires that threaten homes and lives, Vertical 911 was created for - and in honor of - you.

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